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Hushable Management Application [EU]0
posted a month ago

Age: [17]

Total Minecraft Playtime [Around 5 to 6 years]

Active Time per Week [Around 15-20 hours.]

Link [ ]

a month ago1

+1 know this guy,he is good as manager

I Like how much effort was put in the application.+1

a month ago1

First of all, you didn't follow many directions said in the first post. Its hard to read a disorganized block of text. Please review and correct.

Your reasons for wanting to be staff(Other than simply helping?): [I want to help the server out where I'm needed either it's dealing with hackers, managing staff or helping someone, I'll be there for anyone and anything that could help the owner, staff, a member.]

It clearly says 'other than simply helping' then you go on to say 'i want to help the server out'. Is that your only reason?

No it isn't

Then you need to write what else.