To those who are applying for a Management Position (Apps open for limited time),

This is a serious topic for me and how things work on the server. Age (16+), following directions, being respectful, and following rules are the most important of those.

All said Managers must have experience in their field for at least 6+ months and required to attend Manager meetings every week unless otherwise notified (Failure to attend overall is a strike).

When applying, you must join the Discord,Teamspeak, and MC Server at least once.

(P.S. Managers(Like Staff) are prohibited to play like normal players) [PvP Servers]

Positions Open: (x = taken/unavailable)

[x] Staff Manager [EU open]

[x] Content Manager

[x] Advertising Manager

[ ] System Manager

[ ] Development Manager

To be clear:

Your INITIAL post must contain the following below Use the format in the pastebin to MAKE YOUR OWN pastebin and putting the link into your post.

If you are not comfortable with certain information being revealed, DM on discord or TS.


All Applications will be handled through a pastebin related link. However before the link is published YOU MUST put these things in your post:

TITLE: {name} Management Application [US, EU, SA, etc]

Age: (16+ Minimum)

Total Minecraft playtime: (I.E. ~5-6 years)

Active time per week: