To those applying for a Media rank:

This role on the server you must understand is for the most part: Empty.

This is only a recognition for your work you have put into your channel and are collaborating with the server.

This is NOT legally binding in any way. Its simply for recognition.

POTENTIALLY however, Media may recieve lives crates from time to time to keep them in the fray. To keep the balance, players will occasionally have access to this as well through people donating for it.

To make sure not ANYONE can get this rank I will be making some requirements. It is subject to change anytime.


  • Youtube Subscribers or Twitch Followers: 250+
  • Views and Stream views: 100+ | 50+

Now to the format itself:

-YT or Twitch Link:


-Total Channel uptime:

-(optional)About Yourself:

If you are accepted or in a Pending state, meet a staff member or "Devin or Arcev" in TS or discord and a discussion will take place over that.