To those who are applying for staff,

This is a serious topic for me and how things work on the server. Age, following directions, being respectful, and following rules are the most important of those.


Being Staff requires a punishment system. I save applications and store them in a folder, then I add a strike system to the bottom of those applications. once you hit the third strike, your rank will be lost. So take this seriously and you will be fine.

All Applications will be handled through a pastebin related link. However before the link is published YOU MUST put these things in your post:

To be clear:

  • Your INITIAL post must contain the following below
  • Use the format in the pastebin to MAKE YOUR OWN pastebin and putting the link into your post

TITLE: {name} Application [US, EU, SA, etc]

// Age:

Total Minecraft playtime: (I.E. ~5-6 years)

Active time per week: //

All staff must be able to ScreenShare and use their mic at any time requested. Communication is important, so its required as well.

(P.S. Staff are prohibited to play like normal players)

I understand it looks VERY official and stern, but I assure you its going to help everyone. :P