As per of the community, I will be creating a website for our forums. This will include an updated styling of the Forums and its homepage. I will also be adding some important pages for more information. A custom easier domain will be done soon. (EDIT: DEVELOPMENT HALTED look below)

Update #1 9/3:

  • Forums created. Default minecraft related styles applied. Roles assigned. Catagories created. Format posts created.

Update #2 9/6:

  • [1:00AM] 0_o is Registered and is pending for a DNS update. Soon you will be able to connect to the forums with that domain. (EDIT: you can now connect using

Update #3 9/7:

  • [9:51pm] is changed. Custom logo and theme created.

Update #4 9/8:

  • [5:39pm] Style bug fixes.

Update #5 9/9:

  • [8:18pm] Added logo and affiliates links. :P (+ more style bug fixes)

Update #6 9/11:

  • [11:17pm] VOIP, Vote, Store, and classes pages created. Its contents are WIP.

Update #7 1/21/19:

  • [12:00pm] Website Development halted. Awaiting feedback.