Teamspeak will be the first VOIP program we will be using to create a Main contact for staff and for me. Currently the Teamspeak is password locked and will soon be updated and released. Ill continue to make updates as nessessary.

Update #1 9/4/18:

  • Teamspeak created. Default Lobby/Private layout used.
  • Basic server groups established.

Update #2 9/6/18:

  • [1:20am] registered. Not working. Troubleshooting....
  • [1:38pm] still not working. Password removed. Join @ (old IP removed)
  • [1:38pm] Teamspeak custom layout finished. Advanced server groups created and applied.

Update #3 9/8/18:

  • [5:38pm] Teamspeak bug fixes. 24/7 Music bot added.

Update #4 9/21/18:

  • [5:04am] Teamspeak IP is official.

I believe the teamspeak is fully implemented as a fully function teamspeak. Of course the teamspeak wont be bug free so be sure to post in The Bugs Section. Thanks.