The main purpose of this map is to test and work out bugs, add features, and have fun all while getting familiarity with the server. :D 👍 Server is ONLINE!

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  • Finsh new Fishing mechanics: ...%70 (planned for HCF)

Update #1 9/4:

  • Project Kits Map started. Basic Server established. Adding plugins and infrastructure.

Update #2 9/5:

  • [12:12pm] Added a Basic Mode for staff.
  • [1:30pm] Creating custom test Kits Map....
  • [2:10pm] Kits Spawn created.
  • [7:43pm] Bug fixing and test Kits Map created.
  • [8:18pm] Builds for test Kits Map Started.....
  • [SideNote/9:36pm] Good will donations created. Located at

Update #3 9/6:

  • [1:17am] 0_o is now available to join. (Lockdown enabled)
  • [10:04pm] Kits maps basic builds complete. KoTH event builds started.....
  • Basic Kits Map inside look

Update #4 9/7:

  • [7:25pm] Basic Anitcheat added and tested a little (Speed/Aimbot/Fly)

Update #5 9/8:

  • [2:53am] Late night Bug fixes and performance optimizations. :)
  • [6:55pm] Nether Spawn is implemented.
  • [6:55pm] End world and End KoTH is implemented.

Update #6 9/9:

  • [6:03pm] Commands/infrastructure mostly setup. Anticheat is optimized. (I think, more testing needed) Nearly ready for a release date :D
  • [10:01pm] Added a /gkit system. (Experimental phase) [Edit: Removed /gkit system to prep later]

Update #7 9/10:

  • [6:32pm] Bug Fixes and Archer class reworked. Adding the info to website soon. Reports infrastructure finished.
  • [6:33pm] Koths are started and being implemented soon.

Update #8 9/11:

  • [6:41pm] All KOTHs are complete and coords updated via ./coords. Have fun!

Update #9 9/13:

  • [5:20pm] Bug Fixes.

Update #10 9/17:

  • [6:30am] Bug fixes and optimizations. ./stats coming soon (Not implemented)

Update #11 9/30:

  • [10:00am] Sorry for the delay! I was still working on the server. Lots of Bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and added a ./author to check who made the infrastructure :P Also a ./factionsave command was created to save data.

Update #12 10/5:

  • [10:00pm] Another Delay. Added some simple broadcasts. a /stats was implemented, KDR and Killstreaks are still a WIP. Knockback was given another rework, 8 hours later. Infrastructure stability was improved upon. Updated to Build version: 80