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Inactivity and future ...

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a great holiday! Its been awhile since I basically went afk and the server I had went down.

Dont worry however, I still have the files and use them to continue if I wish. However I need some feedback.

Should I continue the server the same as it has or change it by updating to a newer version or maybe change by a new gamemode that would be more casual, or change it to another competitive gamemode I.E. Factions?

Many questions from me to you and something to think about.

Wanted to let you guys know that im still alive and looking to start it up again if I had some interested individuals.

Thanks, Arcev

Developmental Kits Map...

I have come to a point that I now believe that the Kits Map is ready for launch. IN the #DevelopmentalUpdates there is all the updates related to the making of it. Including if you come across any bugs, let me know here, Discord, Teamspeak, or ingame!


Release: Server is ONLINE!

Class info is going to be in the section. (WIP)

Hope to see you on there and lets go for an active, fresh HCF!

Welcome to the Arcev.p...

Hello everyone,

Although it may not seem like much, these forums being in a conceptual phase is very important for development and feedback!

I will be adding a Suggestions tab as I write this to make sure you will have access to providing feedback.

All updates will be provided in a #DevelopmentalUpdates Forum

A testing kits map will be worked on and will serve as a test to the real development to HCF.

Thanks for being with and hope for a better HCF!


Devison,Arcev,Vecra 👌